All clipart on this site is property of Clips Ahoy, a partnership between Corey Wisla and Adrea Satre. Clips Ahoy reserves the right to change this policy at anytime. Clips Ahoy reserves the right to disallow user permission to anyone.

Refusal can be done even if:
1. Permission has been given in the past.
2. The user is using the clipart in an approved policy way.
3. The user obtained the clipart from a source other than Clips Ahoy.
4. The image is a modified version of a Clip Art produced by Clips Ahoy.
5. The user requested Clips Ahoy to create the clipart.
In this refusal, Clips Ahoy may ask the user to remove clipart produced by Clips Ahoy from their website, or discontinue usage.

Our clipart/images may not be used as part of another clipart/image archive. This includes any site, program, or utility that exists for distribution of any type, including "my top 10 favorite clipart of the week" type of collections. This also includes greeting card sites, and icon sites. This includes anything we determine to be an archive at a later date. Basically, the general rule is that we do not want our clipart to be your product, even if you are using only one or two pictures. Ie. If you have an online greeting card site, you are profitting by the clipart being the main part of the product, therefore we do not allow use in this fashion even if it is for one card.

You may not distribute our images in any 'community-sharing' environments or other programs of that nature, Ie. Napster distributes MP3s in a community sharing environment. You may not distribute clipart via email or other sources with the intention of distribution. Ie. A clipart site that has no website or otherwise.

If you want an image modified, contact us, permission is not given to do modifications. The exception being that you may modify the background so it fits with your webpage in transparency. You may not use our clipart as a method to draw people to other sites, including our site, with the exception of our buttons in the link to us section created for that intent.

Please link only to the index page of and not directly to any of the clipart. It is preferred if you link through our ranking system. If you wish permission to use images found on this site for commercial use please click on the contact us link to work out an arrangement. If you use a clipart on a webpage, we appreciate a link to us somewhere on the page saying where you got the clipart. This link tells clipart collectors that the image is accounted for, as well as informs other interested clipart users where to find us. If you are going to use an image on your webpage, download it and use it on your server, or use a transload service for webtv users. We don't want to pay extra bandwidth fees everytime your page loads.

All art on Clips Ahoy are original creations created by Clips Ahoy or an employee of Clips Ahoy. Clips Ahoy does base some clipart on submitted requests. By submitting a request, you acknowledge that Clips Ahoy will own full rights to the created request. This means that Clips Ahoy will post clipart on site, will allow others to use the clipart, has the right to refuse people from use, and can use the clipart in any fashion deemed appropriate by Clips Ahoy. Clips Ahoy is not responsible for any legal fees or loss of profit should there be any dispute regarding a clipart created by Clips Ahoy. (this is to protect us, should a company using our clipart have a problem with another company over the use of a clipart or a problem with us)

If you have any questions, contact us. We are very friendly and will let you know if we find your proposed use to be within our parameters.

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