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Are your cliparts free?
In a nutshell, all of our cliparts are free to all except archivers. Please refer to our disclaimer page for more details.

How do I find your clipart?
Look on the main page(ie. click back to main above), there is a block of links that are titled 'Main Categories'. Click on the link to your favorite main category. On the next page You will see the title of the main category you selected. Underneath that title, will be links to the subcategories. Select your favorite subcategory. On the next page, you will see the title of the subcategory that you picked, underneath is page 1, page 2, etc. Select the page you want to look at. You will see thumbnails of the clipart, which you can look through before clicking the one you are interested in to see the full size image. On the main page, if you click on the category map, it will also provide you the main category links and a list of all the subcategories underneath them.

I see several links to clip art island and members area, what is that about?
ClipartIsland.com is our member site. The member site offers our entire collection offered here, plus hundreds of additional images, in a keyword searchable format. It also offers 'new' button so you can click and see what images have been added within the week. There are no ads or pop ups to get in your way or distract you, we offer live support(or quick support when we are unavailable). Member requests come first and you can request any day of the week. It is designed to help you get what you need faster. Subscriptions are very reasonably priced.
Click here to see our member site, Clip Art Island

How do I know if I click on a link, if it is your site or another site?
We provide links to other clipart sites both for purposes of helping people find clipart, as well as to help people find us. We always try to use the surrounding area to indicate where a link is going. Ie. If you load the main page you will notice that we sometimes signify a group of links to other sites by having a .com at the end of at least one of the names. Another example is several buttons to external sites surrounding a link that says 'Site of the moment'. We have 'check out these awesome sites' in light blue, and the name for the first three are also in the light blue group by 'site of the moment' and in buttons with a 1,2,3. Going the other way, we label our categories by 'Ahoy! Main Categories'. Anyway, we try to provide clues to where things are going, and try to leave things in patterns to make it as easy as possible.

Can I link directly to your clipart?
No, we ask you to download it to your server. We may change a filename at anytime, this would serve you a dead link among other reasons relating to cost to us. WebTV users should look into to transload services, webpages that allow you to use their space.

Is it manditory to link to your page when I use one of your cliparts?
We really strongly encourage a link, even a small link somewhere because not only does it allow others interested in our clipart to find us, but it also tells clipart archive collectors that the clipart you posted is accounted for. In printed medium, a small disclaimer somewhere saying clipart came from is also requested for the same reasons. (If your use is a newsletter or something where people you don't know will see it)

I need a company logo, is it still free?
We will let you know if your request is something we would have to charge for. For normal clipart, there will be no charge for small businesses. If your logo is something that would be hours of painstaking work, we would let you know in advance. If you are going to make millions, remember us. We do reserve the right to continue to post your logo as a free clipart and make claims like we created the logo for you.

I think your site is the best, what can I do to repay you for a job well done?
. We get extremely happy when people join our members area, which has extra benefits for you as a user.

I think your site is terrible and it is missing my favorite category, what can I say?
Our site is constantly growing, and requests is what helps direct what direction we go. Instead of telling us how horrible we are, you can request the clipart you want, and they will be added. If a category needs to be made, it will happen when there is enough clipart for it. We have feelings too, so don't send email just because you are bitter.

Is your clipart original?
All clipart is created by Clips Ahoy, we do not get it from anywhere else.

I absolutely need to get in contact with you. What's your email address?

You can click here to get to our contact page!


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